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Humber Bay Shores

The epitome of the elegant lakeside lifestyle

Living in Humber Bay Shores

The community in which you live is so much more than the area of the city you reside in. It goes beyond the streets and the local shops where you buy your goods. It isn’t even the landmarks and the historical sites or the sports teams and the local clubs. 

Your community is the spirit and the culture that lives in your neighbourhood. Both residents and visitors can feel it. It is the history of your community and its legacy of progress. You can see it in how people greet each other, and are evident in the pride residents feel when they speak about their home.  

It can be hard to find that perfect place that has everything you want and need. The amenities of the big city with the natural beauty of a park. Access to great shopping with waterfront views. Dining and entertainment paired with tranquil nights and peaceful evenings. Is it possible to find such a place? 


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Humber Bay Shores

Humber Bay Shores fits all of these moulds and more. Located just west of Toronto with easy access to the downtown core, it is simple to see why it has garnered so much attention and is quickly becoming one of the most popular neighbourhoods around. It has all the necessities and the extra desirable amenities you could want in the place that you call home. 


It is bordered on the West by Mimico Creek and has the Humble River Valley to the East. With Lake Ontario to the South, it is easy to see why people have always chosen to live here. 


Its humble beginnings are rooted in the fact that people want to go to the beach and enjoy the lakefront. In the early to mid-1900s, locals would crowd Crowe’s beach. The consistent flow of tourists led to a dedicated group of businesses that served them, mainly restaurants, lounges, hotels and cottages. It wasn’t long before there was a population of people living along the water’s edge.




Humber Bay Shores Condos


For being such a prime piece of real estate potential, it is amazing that it sat “dormant” for so long. Known as the “Motel Strip”, there were very few large condo developments in the area. Palace Pier and Palace Place (sometimes known as Palace Pier Tower) were the only large condo complexes in the area until the year 2000. Shortly after the turn of the 21st century, the area began sprouting high-rise condo buildings. 


In the years between 2005 and 2020 more than a dozen condos were built in the Humber Bay Shores area. With buildings as small as 10 stories tall to towers higher than 40 stories, the first two decades of the 2000s saw the skyline change drastically. This is great news for those looking for Humber Bay Shores condos for sale.


Fast forward to today and the area is booming! It has evolved from a small motor home and tourist village to a large waterfront condo community that is home to beautiful real estate, an abundance of green park space and the type of views you can’t typically find near the centre of a large city like Toronto.




Waterfront Lifestyle


One of the most attractive aspects of living in Humber Bay Shores is the ability to enjoy a waterfront lifestyle while being only 15 minutes from downtown Toronto. What does this waterfront lifestyle look like?


It could be picturesque walks along the waterfront, enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. Maybe you will take your kayak or canoe to the boat launch and go for a tour of the Lake Ontario shoreline. Perhaps you will simply take a seat at one of the many benches or picnic areas and enjoy the view of the lake and the stunning Toronto skyline. How you choose to enjoy the waterfront is up to you and the possibilities are endless.




Humber Bay Park


To have a park-like Humber Bay Park at your doorstep is a dream come true for anyone, even more so for someone who lives near the heart of a major metropolitan city like Toronto. Humber Bay Park is split into the East and West parks with a unified park core. Both the East and West are defined by specific features.


Humber Bay Park West is all beautifully landscaped green space made up of the West Entrance Market (part of the park core) and the western peninsula.  The peninsula has plenty of walking and bike trails as well as sitting space.


Humber Bay Park East has the East Entrance Market (the other portion of the park core), wonderful ponds and linear wetland area and the eastern peninsula. This peninsula offers the best view of the Toronto skyline, and the wetland area is a habitat for many unique creatures.


Boat launches are easily accessible, and there are bathrooms conveniently located at the park entrance. Public parking is available, but it is an extremely popular park which means that if you are planning on driving, make sure to go early to get a spot. It is also easily accessed by public transit.


There are piers that you can visit and even a pond for fly casting as well as a historic lighthouse. Overall, an amazing park to see and visit.

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Humber Bay Arch Bridge


Humber Bay Arch Bridge is a stunning piece of architecture that defines the area. Designed in 1994 by bridge engineers Delcan Corporation and Montgomery Sisam Architects of Toronto, the pedestrian bridge is a key part of the Martin Goodman Trail and is one of the most popular cycling and walking routes in the city.


The twin arch bridge sits 70 feet above the surface of the river and spans 330 feet over the water, with an extra 50 feet over either shore. It stands on the same ground as an ancient Aboriginal trading route, and it is adorned with many First Nations decorative symbols, such as turtles and canoes.  


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Humber Bay Shores Shopping


On top of the amazing scenery and the architecture, Humber Bay Shores also offers up some fantastic shopping opportunities. There are multiple shops in and around the area, including a community mall called Westlake Village. You can find little boutique shops or your favourite brand-name stores throughout the area for all of your shopping needs. 


Humber Bay Shores and Humber Bay Shores Park both have seasonal farmers' markets. Here you can get not only fresh veggies and fruits but handmade and artisan clothing, toys, preserves and much, much more. These markets typically run between May and October each year.


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Things to Do Nearby


For those that are always on the lookout for interesting and engaging activities, the area around Humber Bay Shores has a number of amazing things to do. 


  • Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat and the Humber Bay Butterfly Garden are in the neighbourhood and well worth the time it takes to check out.
  • High Park Zoo is merely minutes away from the Humber Bay Shores neighbourhood and has a full roster of animals to go and see.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Arts is home to exhibits and events of all types for the artistically inclined.
  • Take a trip through the past by visiting Fort York National Historic Site.
  • There are many dog parks available and much, much more…


Learn More About Things To Do Nearby Humber Bay Shores



Humber Bay Shores Restaurants


Food lovers unite! Humber Bay Shores has a thriving restaurant scene which means amazing options for everyone!


  • If you’re looking for a breakfast spot that’s out of this world, then it’s Huevos Gourmet, which offers Mexican French fusion breakfast options. Absolutely delicious!
  • Is it time for a fine dining experience? Then La Vecchia is the perfect place.
  • Scaddabush is a place you can find mainstream Italian dishes that will please your palate.
  • A pillar of the community is Eden Trattoria, known for its mouth-watering authentic Italian food with a view of the waterfront that’s beyond compare.
  • Firkin on the Bay offers a relaxed pub-style environment with a patio overlooking the gorgeous waterfront.
  • Top off your dining experience with a scoop (or two... maybe three) of Lola’s Gelato.


And there are many other spectacular restaurants a few minutes away from the core.


  • Are you looking for pizza? Ori di Napoli Pizzeria is a wonderful place to enjoy a slice of pizza heaven.
  • Maybe you want to take an Indian-flavored culinary adventure?  Tich - Modern Indian Cuisine is the place for you.
  • Perhaps Spanish for your meal? La Vinia will deliver on every level.
  • Sunset Grill offers a traditional-style breakfast that will start your morning off right.
  • Alas, there’s our Canadian staple, Tim Hortons, located just a quick walk up the street.


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Coffee Shops In Humber Bay Shores


Are you craving a delightful cup of coffee with a breathtaking view of the lake? Well, you’re in luck because Humber Bay Shores offers a picturesque setting with a variety of top-notch coffee shops to satisfy your caffeine fix. Our latest blog post unveils the hidden gems along the waterfront, where you can sip your favourite brews while soaking in the mesmerizing scenery.


So if you're curious about these must-visit coffee spots, click the link below to explore our list of the top 5 coffee shops we've carefully curated for you. Plus, find out which coffee shop we’ve designated as "Fred's Favourite", an incredibly satisfying brew that tantalizes our tastebuds.


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Palace Pier & Palace Pier Tower


Palace Pier was originally the site of Toronto's amusement pier. Built in 1941 and destroyed in 1963 by a fire, it was located on the edge of the Humber River on the southeast end of what is now Humber Bay Shores. It was originally designed and destined to be a tourist attraction like none other in the area. With an outdoor band pavilion, a ballroom, a theatre and more, it was meant to mirror the amusement park and tourist piers in England. The funding fell through, and the Pier's vision never fully materialized. The small portion that was built was destroyed by fire in 1963. 


Palace Pier Tower was constructed in 1978 and was the area’s first condominium complex, paving the way for many to come in the future. It was joined by Palace Place in 1993 and held the title of the tallest building in the area for a long time. Now, these buildings are surrounded by high rises and other condo complexes in Humber Bay Shores.


Although paving the way back in 1978, an incredible surge of condo complexes didn’t start until the mid-late 2000s. Since then, the Humber Bay Shores skyline has changed immensely through the years. The area that was once riddled with a string of barren motels is now an active hub with high-rise condominium complexes gracing the shoreline. 


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Getting to Humber Bay Shores


Humber Bay Shores' proximity to the downtown core of Toronto is one of the most enticing aspects of the neighbourhood. How can someone get to Humber Bay Shores if they don’t have a car? There are plenty of options!


You can get to Humber Bay by…


  • Bus. The 66 or 80 will bring you into the community.
  • The Subway. Subway Line 2 Bloor-Danforth has 31 stations, many of which can connect you to Bus routes that bring you to the Humber Bay Shores and surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Streetcar. Streetcar 501 goes directly to the heart of the community.
  • Train. The LW GO train can bring you to Mimico Station, located within a neighbouring community.


Getting around while living in the community is quite convenient. With the Humber Loop just steps away, you have access to many of Toronto’s famed streetcars along with transit buses. The very first Humber Loop was built in 1922 and has been reconstructed 3 times since. The Humber Loop serves as a turning point for TTC streetcars in Toronto’s West end. There have been many variations of the Humber Loop throughout the years, but it currently resides west of the Humber River, between the Gardiner Expressway and the Queensway.


The future looks even brighter from a commuter standpoint with the expected development of the former Mr. Christie site. This extensive development plan includes a number of new condominiums along with a brand new Go Station terminal. Currently labelled as the Park Lawn Go Station, this multi-modal transportation hub is expected to service approximately 5000 customers per day. 


If you do drive a car, the community is easily accessible. Just minutes off the 401 and the 427, you have a quick and easy drive to Pearson airport and the downtown core.



The Queensway-Humber Bay Neighbourhood and Mimico 


The neighbourhoods that immediately surround Humber Bay Shores are great places to live in their own right as well. With as much history and character as Humber Bay Shores, they are great places to visit and enjoy.


Humber Bay Shores is part of 2 larger neighbourhoods, The Queensway-Humber Bay as well as Mimico. Both are rich in character and heart. Mimico is home to the famous San Remo Bakery, as well the Royal York Meat Market and an abundance of cafes and dining options. The community also highlights and celebrates the arts. The trails and bike paths are very popular and well-used.


Humber Bay as a community has many amenities that make it unique and interesting. This included Park Street Park, which includes a playground, basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, an ice rink and more. It is also the home of Humber Bay Public Library, which is a hub of community activity and is, of course, a treasure trove of books and art.


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Humber Bay Shores Real Estate Market


Humber Bay Shores Condos for Sale!!! For those looking to move, that is a welcome sign! Humber Bay Shores is clearly a phenomenal place to live. This fact is reflected in the real estate market and the excitement in the area is palpable. Once you know what’s available in and around the area, it’s obvious why people want to make Humber Bay Shores their home.


With condos ranging anywhere from $499,000 to homes that are upward of $5,000,000, there is something for everyone in Humber Bay Shores. 


Condos for sale and homes for sale are easy enough to find, but finding the right one that’s for you takes a bit of work. That’s where I come in. There are a number of condos in the area, but I know which ones are the right fit for you & your lifestyle. I’ll be able to find you the best home in the area based on your specific needs and goals. Essentially, I’ll work out a purchasing strategy dedicated to you.


My team & I are committed to creating more value for all homeowners with the highest level of professionalism.




Thinking of Moving or Relocating to Humber Bay Shores?


Humber Bay Shores has everything you could want and more in a community. The views, the access, the amenities and the lifestyle are all waiting for you in Humber Bay Shores.


If you’re thinking of making a move to Humber Bay Shores, or if you’re planning to relocate here and want to learn more about what this community has to offer, then we should chat.


As an expert who’s actually lived in the community for almost 5 years, I’d be happy to tell you everything there is to know about Humber Bay Shores. It’s a community I hold near and dear to my heart, and I’d love the opportunity to talk more about it with you.


Reach out today and see how Humber Bay Shores can be the right fit for you. Click the button below, then simply fill out the form to arrange a 15-minute no-obligation call.


I’d be happy to help in any way I can.


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Imagine having all the insider tips, local hot spots, and the best-kept secrets of this lakeside haven.  Now you can with our comprehensive Community Guide for Humber Bay Shores.

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Humber Bay Shores FAQ

Q: Where is Humber Bay Shores located?

A: Humber Bay Shores is located in a suburban district within the west end of the city of Toronto, Ontario, known as Etobicoke. Stretching approximately 1.2 km across the lakefront, it is boarded by the Humber River on the east end, Park Lawn Rd on the west, Lake Shore Blvd West on the north, and Lake Ontario on the south side. 


Q: Is Humber Bay Shores a good place to live?

A: Yes, Humber Bay Shores is a fantastic place to live due to its stunning waterfront location offering breathtaking views, and a plethora of recreational opportunities such as biking and jogging along the many lakefront trails, including the Martin Goodman Trail & Humber Bay Park trails, a vibrant community with diverse dining and entertainment options, convenient access to public transportation for easy commuting, and a mix of modern condominiums providing a comfortable and luxurious living environment.

Q: Is Humber Bay Shores a safe area to live in?

A: Humber Bay Shores is part of the city of Toronto, which was ranked the 2nd safest city in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), indicated in their Safe Cities Index 2021 (an increase from 6th place, which it ranked in Safe Cities Index 2019).

Q: Is it a good destination for those planning to relocate to Toronto?

A: Definitely, yes. With all the amenities and activities the area has to offer, it’s one of the most attractive and affordable places within Toronto, especially for those who enjoy waterfront living,


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