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We are experts in Luxury Real Estate in Toronto's premier communities. Our team combines creativity, experience, and a commitment to meet all your property aspirations. Recognizing the evolving role of technology and data in real estate, we've honed our skills to become data-savvy specialists in various neighbourhoods across the GTA. This dedication enables us to uncover both new listings & unique off-market opportunities, ensuring our clients have access to the best properties available. DISCOVER YOUR DREAM HOME WITH FRED RENNA REAL ESTATE
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Set Your Budget

The first step in your home-buying journey is to establish a budget and secure pre-approval for a mortgage loan (unless you're opting to pay cash for the full price of your home). Begin by connecting with a trusted lender. They will evaluate your income and credit history to determine the loan amount a bank is willing to offer. This crucial step will guide you in defining the price range for your home search and provide clarity on expected monthly payments and downpayment requirements.


Outline Objectives

  • What is your motivation to buy?
  • What is your timeline to move?
  • How long will you ideally own the property?
  • What are your ideal features and "non-negotiable"?
  • What are you looking for a neighborhood?

Understand the Market

  • Analyze active, pending and sold transactions.
  • Review example contracts and timelines.
  • Determine timing and seasonal considerations
  • Understand market forces & supply vs demand.
  • Discuss options for strengthening your position.


Create Your Search


  • We'll create an account for you on our real-time search app
  • Set search parameters
  • Browse and review online listings
  • Create a Personalized Collection for listings of interests.
  • Notification of new and off-market properties
A modern dining room with a modern table and chairs. There is a swimming pool visible through the windows behind the table.


Tour Properties


NOW IS THE MOMENT TO ENVISION YOUR PERFECT HOME. Think about the location and features that will make your house a haven. We'll arrange viewings and open houses across diverse neighbourhoods and various types of properties, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of possibilities. Furthermore, you'll receive immediate alerts for exclusive Coming Soon listings as they emerge on the market, keeping you ahead in your home search journey.

A living room with a large, gray sectional couch facing a fireplace.


Understand the Homebuyer’s Timeline


Request your FREE copy of the complete homebuyer's timeline, which outlines each step of the home-buying process in detail. 


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On our call, we will discuss:

• What to expect when buying a new home in today's market.

• How to determine your buying power.

• How to prepare when buying a home.

• How Fred Renna & team can help with your homeownership goals

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