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Humber Bay Park - Discover Toronto's Breathtaking Urban Oasis

Humber Bay Park - Discover Toronto's Breathtaking Urban Oasis

  • Fred Renna
  • 08/18/22

Humber Bay Park

If you have ever had the good fortune to visit Humber Bay Park, Toronto, you know why it is considered one of the nicest and most beloved parks in the GTA. Its location on the lake, its views of the Toronto skyline and its impressive list of amenities make it a prime destination at any time of year. 

What could be better than a beautiful park close to downtown Toronto? How about two parks! The park is split into Humber Bay Park East and Humber Bay Park West by Mimico Creek, which halves the park with its wandering creek bed. 

5.1 million cubic meters of dirt and fill were used to create the park at the edge of the lake. Opening to the public in 1984, it has been a staple of the area for decades but it has really become the gem it is in the last decade or so. Heavy investments from the community and a master revitalization plan have taken the park from great to world-class.



Humber Bay Park East


Humber Bay Park East is the smaller of the two parks. Measuring only 47 acres in size, it is widely known as the hidden gem of city parks. Many bridges and the Humber Bay Park East Shore await to be travelled upon by the curious park traveller. It also has some of the best views of the Toronto skyline available anywhere, particularly around sunset.

 Native plants and beautiful ponds are scattered throughout the East park as well as plenty of walking trails. You can also find the Air India 182 Memorial near the parking lots, with a great view of Humber Bay Shores Park to the North-West.


Humber Bay Park West


Humber Bay Park West is gargantuan! At 300 acres, it is 6 times larger than the East park. It holds the Humber Bay Shores Farmers Market, which runs between the end of May and the first week of October and is a destination for many residents in the area.

 You also have the Mimico Cruising Club and the Etobicoke Yacht Club Marinas, which are always filled with beautiful and majestic boats of all shapes and sizes. For dog owners, there is Humber Bay Park West Dog Park, a pristine dog park on the South-West end of the peninsula. Etobicoke and Look-Out Point offer beautiful vantage points of Lake Ontario and there is plenty of parking for any of the park’s visitors.


View of the morning sunrise over the Toronto skyline from Humber Bay Park West

Humber Bay Park Map

 The Humber Bay Park Map is easily found online and is posted in many places around both parks. These maps will show you the layout of both parks, which are connected by the Mimico Creek Pedestrian Bridge. 


Humber Bay Park Amenities


  • Bike Trails

Adding to the draw of these parks are the 16 bike trails that meander through both the East and West Humber Bay Parks. They are all part of the Martin Goodman Trail, which spans 56 km, from one end of the Toronto lakefront to the other. It is part of the Waterfront Trail System; the 730 km stretch of trails that circles Lake Ontario. Access to and through the parks from these bike trails creates a unique access point that is beloved by all those that frequent the parks. 


  • Bridges

There are 3 beautiful bridges to cross in the East park. You can traverse the largest pond by way of a long and interconnected walking bridge, as well as a small bridge that crosses the creek further up the path. Near the public washrooms, there is a concrete promenade that acts as a bridge, connecting both sides of the pond. While there is no bridge in the West park, the Mimico Creek Pedestrian Bridge connects both parks by spanning Mimico Creek near the entrance. An architectural beauty, many consider the Mimico Bridge to be a highlight of the park. 


  • Scenic Trails

Running, jogging, walking or even just standing and breathing the fresh lake air. You will see people doing this every day on the trails that are easily accessible from every condo building in the area. These trails run from one end of Humber Bay Shores to the other and through every park. Enjoy!


  • Sundial

The Air India 182 Memorial Sundial is a sight to behold! Set just north of the parking lot in Humber Bay Park East, the sundial sits at the center of the memorial area. The bombing of Air India 182, near the coast of Ireland in June of 1985 and the bombing of the Japanese airport that same day led to the loss of 331 lives. These names are inscribed on the walls in this memorial area so that they are not forgotten. The sundial, which is made from stones from every province and multiple different countries, makes sure that the sun never fully sets on the lives cut short by this tragedy.


  • Parking Lots

There is plenty of parking in Humber Bay Parks, on both the East and West sides. They are quite busy in the summertime so be sure to come early if you want to find parking. Between May and October, there is a charge for parking so be prepared for that as well. Marine Parade Drive connects to the East Parking lot and Humber Bay Park Road West connects to the 5 different parking lots in the West park.


  • Picnic Sites

The beautiful thing about a picnic is that wherever you lay down your picnic blanket is your picnic site! Numerous places can be considered picnic sites in both parks, including the Humber Bay East Shore and any of the open park spaces. Make sure to clean up your mess so that the park stays beautiful for all other visitors after you.


  • Humber Bay Shores Farmers' Market

 For a taste of the local culture, take a visit to the Humber Bay Shores Farmers' Market. Located in the Humber Bay Park East parking lot between May and October, you will find all sorts of delectable treats and foods, as well as crafts and handmade goods from all over the city and the world. One of the best Farmers' Markets in the city!



  • Pond

The East park has many beautiful ponds for you to enjoy. Who else enjoys these wonderful ponds? The local wildlife! Fish, ducks, beavers, swans and animals of all types use these ponds as either a home or a resting place. Who can snap the most photos of as many different types of wildlife as possible can be a fun competition between you and your friends visiting the park.  


  • Washroom Facility 

Due to the popularity of the park, there are ample washroom facilities on both the East and West sides, near the entrance of the West and the center of the East park. Many public parks don’t have the luxury of such washroom amenities and they are greatly appreciated by the public, especially those that come to the parks to swim.


  • Dog Parks

The Humber Bay Park West Dog Park is a wonderful off-leash dog park at the end of the West peninsula. How do you get there you ask? Follow these directions, provided by the Humber Bay West Park Dog Association.

         Directions to The Humber Bay West Dog Park:

Enter Humber Bay Park West. The entrance to Humber Bay Park West is off Lake Shore Boulevard, just west of Park Lawn Road. 

    1. Enter the park and continue on Humber Bay Park Road West.
    2. Drive all the way to the end (almost), passing three yacht clubs, until you reach a cul-de-sac
    3. There's parking on the north side, along the road.
    4. Walk about 250 meters along the path behind the parking area (north of the parking spots )
    5. Your dog will help you find it.



  • Yacht Club

Do you have a yacht to sail? Do you like looking at yachts? Are you unsure what a yacht is? The answers to all of these questions and more can be found at one of the many yacht clubs in the West park. The Humber Bay Sailing Center, the Mimico Cruising Club, and the Etobicoke Yacht Club all proudly have their marinas here.


  • Lighthouse

Humber Bay is home to two lighthouses. One on the interior of the bay, the Humber Bay Park Lighthouse and one at the entrance to the marina area, the Toronto East Entrance Inner Lighthouse. The long and storied history of the lighthouses make for a great learning experience while visiting the park and they are quite pretty to look at. Well worth checking out if you are in the West park.


  • Butterfly Habitat

The Humber Bay Park Butterfly Habitat is located in Humber Bay Shores Park which is located just west of Humber Bay Park East. Critical habitat for many native butterfly species, the park is filled with native species of plant life, making it a sanctuary for butterflies and other interesting insects. For your best chance at seeing butterflies in action, go on a sunny and wind-free day.


  • Lookouts - Sheldon Lookout and Lookout Point (Just steps away from the park)

Sheldon Lookout is placed in a prime location. It is steps away from the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, making it a beautiful spot for photography at any time of year. The Toronto skyline, the Arch Bridge and Lake Ontario are all in one place. Could you ask for more? Lookout Point is on the North-East tip of the West park peninsula. Once again, you have the Toronto skyline, which is particularly beautiful at dusk and Lake Ontario, all within a single frame. A photographer’s dream, in real life.

Access To The Park

There are many ways to get to Humber Bay Park. Whether you are walking, driving or taking transit, you’re only steps away from enjoying this fantastic park.


Humber Bay Park Revitalization

 In the summer of 2022, the process of revitalizing Humber Bay Park was put into full swing. This construction project started with the closure of the East Park and will continue well into 2025. It involves architectural improvements & wetland revitalization as well as improvements to amenities, trails, ponds and walkways, and shoreline restoration to prevent deterioration. It is a massive undertaking that will propel this park to another level. 

Click below to view the City of Toronto & TRCA’s Master Plan for Humber Bay Park.



View Entire Master Plan


Want to Know More?

Humber Bay Park is one of the most, if not the most, beloved parks in all of the GTA. Living in Humber Bay Shores, this park is practically your front yard. Who wouldn’t want to live this close to nature and yet still be near the heart of Toronto’s downtown core? Reach out today and see how Humber Bay Shores can be the right fit for you.


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Humber Bay Park - Discover Toronto's Breathtaking Urban Oasis

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