Humber Bay Shores Shopping

Humber Bay Shores Shopping

  • Fred Renna
  • 08/15/22

Humber Bay Shores Shopping

Many things make a community great. The location, the culture, the weather, the views and the people all contribute to what makes a place a fantastic spot to live. The other part of this equation is the type of amenities and shopping available! 

Just like everything else in Humber Bay Shores, shopping is top-notch. Everything you could need or want is either in the immediate vicinity or is just a short distance away by car or transit.


What's Available If You Are Shopping in Humber Bay Shores?

Need to see a chiropractor? Got you covered! Does your dog deserve a special treat for being the best dog ever? No problem! Want to grab a coffee at a swanky café? Need a massage? Getting dressed for a fancy evening out? Groceries? Haircuts?... Anything you need is available just a stone's throw away in Humber Bay Shores.

In a neighbourhood like Humber Bay Shores, you get the small business and local community that everyone loves with the big city convenience your busy life depends on. Exactly what is available to you when enjoying Humber Bay Shores Shopping?


Services Available When Shopping in Humber Bay Shores


Health Services

Waterfront Physio & Rehab

Located at #MP6, 160 Marine Parade Drive, Waterfront Physio and Rehab offers you exactly what its name suggests. Physio near the waterfront. Open 7 days a week, you can reach them at [email protected] or call them at 1-416-252-4855.


Lakeshore Dental

Lakeshore Dental offers an extensive range of dental services and procedures to keep that smile of yours perfect. Located at 16 Brookers Lane, Unit 10A & B, Etobicoke and open Monday – Thursday, they are there to serve you in the heart of Humber Bay Shores.


Humber Bay Physio Inc.

Humber Bay Physio direct bills most insurance companies and are happy to help you get back to your regular, limber self. Reach out to them at [email protected] or call at 1-647-352-9444.


Toned FX

Humber Bay Shore's finest multi-disciplinary health studio offers you everything from physio to massage and more. Need personal training? They can help you with that too! Open Wednesday to Monday every week, they can help elevate your health today!


Lakeshore West Medical

Lakeshore West Medical is the perfect local family clinic. For a family doctor and regular check-ups, or if you need a quick drop-in, you can get it here. Friendly staff and meticulously clean offices are what you will experience every day at Lakeshore West Medical clinic.



Dining Services

Visit our blog detailing the top restaurants located at Humber Bay Shores.

Top Restaurants in Humber Bay Shores



Groceries and Pharmacy Services

PC Express

PC Express makes shopping for groceries as easy as eating them! This amazing service allows you to order groceries and arrange either to pick them up or have them conveniently delivered to your home. With many grocers to choose from, PC Express is open for delivery 7 days a week.


Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy

Ontario Medicine Cabinet is more than just a pharmacy. It is a full-service medical clinic with one purpose… to serve you and your health needs. 2081 Lakeshore Boulevard is where you can find them, serving the public every day of the week.


Humber Bay Shores Farmers' Markets

One of the most talked-about and admired farmers' markets in all of the GTA, Humber Bay Shores Farmers Market draws in the best vendors with the best products, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. It is open every Saturday from the end of May to the beginning of October in Humber Bay Park Shores West. 


Rabba Fine Foods

Rabba Fine Foods is the gold standard for convenience stores. High-quality, market-fresh foods, convenient locations and all the items you could need and want from a local convenience store… and more. The Humber Bay Shores location is located at 2275 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke and is there to serve you 24/7.



Financial Services

BMO Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal is another prestigious bank that has served Canadian communities for over a century. When you need to visit a BMO in Humber Bay Shores, go to 2194 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Etobicoke, between Monday and Saturday, between 9 and 6 pm.


Financial Services located just around the corner from Humber Bay Shores:

TD Canada Trust / ATM

As one of the five big banks in Canada, TD is the place to go if you need financial services. They can arrange for everyday banking and financing for both personal and business. 2210 Lake Shore Blvd W is where you can find them if you need to use their services.

RBC Royal Bank / ATM

Royal Bank has been a staple in communities across Canada for over 100 years. They are located at 2275 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Etobicoke and are open Monday to Friday during regular bank hours. They also have an ATM located in an Esso at 2189 Lake Shore Blvd. W, ready to serve you.



Personal Care

Posh Beauty Spa

Posh Beauty Spa is what they proudly call an "all-in-one facility created just for you." Specializing in European-style spa treatments and procedures, they pride themselves on using only the best products for your salon needs. Open Monday to Saturday at 2121 Lakeshore Blvd. West.


UPPR MGMT Park Lawn Barbershop

Everyone wants a local barbershop that they can call their own. UPPR MGMT is that barbershop for Humber Bay Shores! Their shears and chairs are waiting for you seven days a week. Go to 62 Marine Parade Dr. Unit 1 to see why they are exactly what you want and need in a barbershop.

Distinguished Gents

A barbershop with an attitude. Want to have your child get a haircut on a motorbike chair? Done. Want to have a stormtrooper shaved into your head? Also done. Just a regular cut? Sounds great. Distinguished Gents has you covered. Open Tuesday to Saturday at 2067 Lakeshore Blvd. West.



Clothing and Fashion

Kloset Prestige

Kloset Prestige offers a variety of beautiful items for sale. Jewellery, footwear, clothing, purses and much more. Open 7 days a week from 9 pm – 9 pm, you can check out all of the products at 80 Marine Parade Drive.



Convenience Services

Penguin Pickup

    Penguin Pickup is an ingenious service that allows people to have their packages delivered to their shop and picked up by the owner at a later time. Perfect for living in large condominiums, they provide a valuable service to the community. Open daily to serve you and your packages; go to 2131 Lake Shore Blvd West to see how they can help you.


Esso Gas Station

If you want a clean, well-run shop to go to and fill up your gas, this Esso is the place. Located at 2189 Lakeshore Blvd West, you can find snacks, magazines, lottery and more. Need gas? They got that. Windows dirty? Wash them there. Esso gas stations are consistently some of the best in the city. Having one in your neighbourhood is highly convenient.


Circle K

Also located at 2189 Lakeshore Blvd West, Circle K offers everything the Esso does, with a different flair. Open 24/7 to serve your convenience needs, and Circle K is ready to see you any time of the day.

Green P Parking

Green P, a division of The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA), offers plenty of street parking along Marine Parade Drive. If you need parking, that is where you want to go. Plenty of spaces and reasonable prices make this a popular parking spot for locals and visitors. You'll also find a small Green P lot at Marine Parade Drive and Waterfront Drive intersection. With the help of the Green P mobile app, paying for parking is easy. You can park anytime you or your visitors need a space.



Pet Services

Humber Bay Veterinary Hospital

Humber Bay Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal medical facility. They are professional and courteous and provide exemplary service to every new or returning patient. They offer medical, surgical and dental care while promoting responsible pet care. They are located at 2139 Lakeshore Blvd West.


Humber Bay Shores Dog Walking

When you hire Humber Bay Shores Dog Walking, you can rest assured knowing that your furry family member is in the great hands of long-time dog/cat owners. They offer daily walks, boarding, special puppy care, and a Home Instead Service for cats or small pets. 


Dog Park Bistro

Offering the top raw food dog brands, a fantastic selection of toys, and much more, Dog Park Bistro has it all. It even has two self-serve dog wash stations to freshen up after an enjoyable run or walk. You can find it at 98 Marine Parade Drive, Etobicoke, open seven days a week.



Appliance and Home Repair

ProMaster Appliance Repair

The only thing worse than having an appliance break down is not having anyone to come and fix it! That isn't a problem with ProMaster Appliance Repair. They have served the GTA for over ten years and are available to help you with your appliance needs. Connect with them at 1-647-575-6835 or email them here.



Lifestyle Services

Bike Share Toronto

Feeling the urge to take a bike ride? Want to go bicycling down the lakefront but dread loading and unloading your bike? Bike Share Toronto has you covered. Humber Bay Shores offers the convenience of Bike Share Toronto and will get you riding in no time. The bike-sharing station is located at the west end of Marine Parade Drive, where you have 24/7 access to bikes using the station kiosk or by downloading the app. Dedicated bicycle lanes along the Humber Bay Park East Trail offer a relaxing ambience & lakefront views of the Toronto skyline that will keep you smiling. At the same time, you explore everything Humber Bay Shores has to offer.


Humber Shores Toastmasters

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce…" the place where you go to learn to deliver speeches and give memorable toasts. Toastmasters has a long-held and respected tradition of teaching people to speak in public. During the height of the pandemic, all of their meetings were done on Zoom, but they still have weekly meetings every Wednesday, 7:30-9:30 pm.


Humber Bay Shores Shopping

Humber Bay Shores in Toronto offers an unparalleled shopping experience that enthralls visitors. Nestled along the picturesque waterfront, this shopping destination boasts a vibrant mix of trendy boutiques, artisanal shops, and well-known brands, catering to every shopper's preference. As you stroll along the charming promenade, the stunning views of Lake Ontario create a serene backdrop for your shopping spree. From chic fashion boutiques featuring the latest styles to quaint local stores offering unique handmade crafts, Humber Bay Shores ensures something for everyone. The area's bustling farmers' markets and gourmet food shops also cater to food enthusiasts, offering a delectable array of fresh produce and culinary delights. Whether you're a resident looking for daily essentials or a tourist seeking a memorable shopping experience, Humber Bay Shores in Toronto is a haven for retail therapy, where exceptional products and breathtaking scenery come together harmoniously.

The shopping experience at Humber Bay Shores in Toronto goes beyond just buying goods; it's a journey of exploration and discovery. The modern, pedestrian-friendly streets invite shoppers to explore the area leisurely, taking in the vibrant atmosphere and friendly interactions with shop owners. Alongside the shopping opportunities, numerous charming cafes and eateries dot the streets, providing the perfect spots to take a break, savour delicious treats, and admire the stunning waterfront views. Whether you're seeking fashion-forward finds, handcrafted treasures, or simply a delightful day out, Humber Bay Shores ensures an unforgettable shopping experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a desire to return for more retail therapy by the shimmering waters of Lake Ontario.

As you can see, there is no shortage of places to go shopping in Humber Bay Shores. Get out there and enjoy the shopping! Shop, dine, and soak in the beauty of Humber Bay Shores today!


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